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Hi everyone

As many of you already know, we, Pamela,Niklas and Lasse, took over 2X2 , and have been working on making the place the number 1 club for our guest.
We want to keep the atmosphere you’re are all coming back for, but with a little scandi mix 😉
We hope for your understanding and patience while we do so.

Many of you have already met us or know of us.
We are friends from Scandinavian who moved here to live out our dream. For those of you we haven’t met, please come in for a drink and a chat over your next holiday.

We will keep you updated her and on the sites with any changes or news along the way, and hope see you all soon

Best regards
Pamela,Niklas,Lasse and team

2x2swingersclub by Pam


Weekly program

Couples night at 2×2.


Boobs Topless Party


Trio party


Nude Party


Massage party


XXX Party, big party and Swinger disco night


Gangbang Party, for ladies who like several men!

2×2 erotic swingersclub Maspalomas


  1. We offer and expect absolute hygiene and discretion.
  2. Admission is restricted to adults only. Max 8 single men on any given night except on the weekly gangbang nights.
  3. Consumption of brought food and beverages is not allowed.
  4. NO means NO! Everyone must respect other guests wishes!
  5. If you wish contact with the other guests then talk to the them polite and directly.
  6. Use of drugs and prostitution are forbidden. It will lead to being banned from the premises and can lead to prosecution by the police. All ladies present in the club are there for their own pleasure (NO professionals), please threat them with respect. Smoking is only allowed on the terrace.
  7. Excessive use of alcohol is forbidden. Drunk guests will be asked to leave. Guests who arrive drunk will not be allowed to enter the club. Glasses and bottles are forbidden in the play zones (please ask for plastic cups if you wish to take your drink inside).
  8. Dress to impress! Sports clothes, shorts, etc are not acceptable. In the playing areas street clothes are strictly forbidden. On thematic nights (nude, sexy etc) dress codes apply to all the club and guests will be expected to change as soon as they enter.
  9. Taking pictures is not allowed. Cameras and mobile phones with cameras are forbidden. Please don´t use your phone in the club!
  10. We offer free condoms in all playing areas, please use them and dispose of them in the bin! Help us keep our club clean.

Please follow all directions given by our staff.

Enjoy your stay!

2×2 erotic swingersclub Maspalomas

Dress code

Street clothes are only permitted on some days and only early evenings around the bar.

Persons in erotic outfits are part of the sensual ambiance of the 2×2 Swingerclub. That might look like a nice pair of Boxer Shorts and a top for a man. Or maybe for the lady a corset or a combination of panties,  bra and straps. Nice leather or patent leather accessories always find a liking here.

For our nude parties we expect you in your “Birthday Suit”

What we don’t enjoy are emergency solutions, like a bath towel around your hips or normal street clothes.

Should you be lacking the suitable outfit, the ‘” 2×2 Swingerclub Erotic Shop” offers Boxer Shorts and pretty lingerie for little money.

2×2 erotic swingersclub Maspalomas


Prices:  Couples and Ladies pay no entrance, solo men only 30 euros

Drinks: our drinks range between 2.50€ and 9.50€

The 2×2 erotic swingers club is located in shopping center La Sandia, Avenida de Alemania (local 27 etc) on the lower level of the center, backside (opposite hotel RIU Palmeras, next to the fun-bar La Cucaracha. )

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